Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

5 Reasons You Might Need Residential Roofing Repairs For Damaged Shingles

Nora Mcdonalid

Shingles are the first line of defense against rain and storms. They're also exposed to heat and UV rays for extended hours every day in the summer. Damaged shingles are common and one of the reasons you'll probably need residential roofing repairs over the life of your roof. Here are five ways shingles are damaged and the repairs they need.

1. Wind-Blown Debris Can Crack Shingles

Cracks on shingles should be repaired since rain can seep in a crack and leak to the deck of your roof. Your roofer can decide if the shingle should be replaced, but it might be possible to just quickly repair it by sealing the crack and covering it with spare granules before the crack filler dries.

2. Heat Makes Shingles Curl

Curling is undesirable since wind can catch the shingles more easily and tear them from the roof. Shingles sometimes curl up on the ends due to excessive heat on the roof, and that can be caused by poor attic ventilation.

Curled shingles may need to be replaced, but sometimes, the shingles can be flattened and adhered to the deck. The roofer may need to put weight on the flattened shingle for a while to hold it against the adhesive.

If the roofer determines the problem is caused by poor attic ventilation, they may need to add a turbine vent on your roof. A turbine spins in the wind and pulls air in through the soffit vents so circulation improves in the attic space.

3. Branches Brush Granules Off Of Shingles 

If you have branches that scrape your roof, you should have them trimmed back. When they scrape the roof, they knock off the protective granules. The granules are there to protect the shingles, and when they're gone, the shingles wear out faster. Plus, branches can work shingles loose. If branches have damaged your shingles, a roofer may need to replace them with new shingles once the tree has been trimmed.

4. Hail Makes Dents In Shingles

When your roof is struck by hail, the strikes make dents in your shingles. Hail may also crack the shingles. Hail damage is usually widespread, so your roofer may need to replace your entire roof rather than attempt repairs. Fortunately, hail damage might be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy so you may get help paying for your new roof.

5. Moss Lifts Shingles

Moss is bad for an asphalt shingle roof since it will burrow under shingles and lift them up. This allows rain to get on the deck. Moss should be killed and removed promptly. This residential roofing repair might require replacing shingles as well as repairing the deck if the deck has water damage.


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