Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Compare Rubber Roofing Tiles and Slate to See Which Is Right for Your Home

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If you want a fresh look for your home when you get a new roof, consider rubber roofing tiles. These can be shaped and colored in different ways. A popular option is to look like natural slate. The tiles have the same color as slate and they have texture added so they look like real stone. Here are some advantages of choosing rubber roofing tiles for your home.

Rubber Tiles Are Light

Slate is heavy, and while that helps them resist wind lifting, heavy tiles have disadvantages. They can chip, be difficult to install, and many houses can't support the weight of a slate roof. Getting your roof done with rubber tiles eliminates all of these problems, yet your home will still look like it has a slate roof.

Rubber Roofing Is Less Expensive Than Slate

Slate is one of the most expensive roof materials you can buy. The tiles are expensive and installation is costly. Rubber tiles cost much less, and since they are easy to install, the installation costs are lower too. Rubber tiles give you a way to have a roof with an upscale look without the expensive cost.

Rubber Tiles Are Durable

Rubber roofing is treated to resist UV rays, so the sun doesn't cause them to deteriorate. Rubber is also strong against storms, and hail bounces off of it rather than denting or cracking it. The tiles are also treated so they are fire-resistant. Rubber roof tiles come with high impact, wind, and fire ratings. Bugs won't infest and harm the roofing either, so with all these threats eliminated, the tiles should last for several decades.

Slate tiles are also long-lasting, but they can crack and chip. This leads to the need for more repairs, and that drives up the cost of the roof over time.

Rubber Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

Rubber may not be a natural product like slate stone, but it is still considered friendly to the environment since it is made from recycled rubber. When it's time to replace the tiles, the old rubber tiles can be recycled too. This helps keep rubber products like old EPDM roof materials and old tires out of the landfills.

Since the appearance of rubber and slate tiles is very close, it might make sense to buy rubber tiles for your home so you can enjoy lower costs and better resistance to hail. However, you should talk to a roofing contractor and get expert advice about how well rubber roofing would hold up in your climate and the environment around your home.


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