Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

The Benefits Of Installing Heating Cables On Your Roof

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If you live in an area where snow falls on your roof or ice develops on your roof, heating cables may be something that you are thinking about installing on your roof. However, before you install them, you may be curious to learn some of the benefits associated with having a roofing company install them. Here are three key benefits associated with installing heating cables on your roof. 

You Can Prevent Ice Dams From Forming 

One of the major benefits associated with installing heating cables on your roof is that you can prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams can be extremely damaging to your roofing materials. They can crack many different types of tiles and shingles, including asphalt, concrete, and ceramic materials. Ice dams can also add a significant amount of weight to your roof, which can be detrimental to the structural components of your roof. In fact, if ice dams get large enough, they can actually cause your roof to cave in or collapse. 

You Can Help to Melt Snow on the Roof

Another benefit associated with hiring a roofing company to install heating cables on your roof is that heating cables can help to melt snow that has formed on your roof. Just like with ice dams, large amounts of snow can weigh on your roof, affecting the structure. In addition to this, snow that sits on your roof can cause small dips and indents. This allows water to pool or puddle on your roof, which can lead to leaks. 

You Can Prevent Condensation Buildup Beneath Your Roof

The final benefit associated with installing heating cables on your roof is that you can prevent condensation buildup beneath your roof. In the winter months, you run your heater. Heat rises in a home and sits in the space underneath your roof. When that hot air meets the freezing cold air from outside, condensation can form. This can lead to water problems or mold growth in that attic or crawlspace directly beneath the roof. 

Heating cables can help to prevent ice dams from forming, can help to melt snow on the roof, and can prevent condensation from building up in the space directly beneath your roof. One of the keys to maximizing the benefits associated with roof heating cables is placing the cables in the ideal spots on your roof. A great roofing company can help you find the right cables for your needs and then install them in places, such as in valleys and around eaves, that can maximize the benefits of the cables. Reach out to your preferred roofing company today to get started. 

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