Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Commercial Roofing Services: Top 4 Common Problems You're Likely To Encounter With Your Tile Roof

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Whether your tile roof is made of ceramic or clay, it adds a decorative touch to your commercial building. However, this roof type has its share of issues that can compromise its structural integrity if not addressed in time. To ensure that you're getting the most out of your roof, here are the common problems to watch out for.

Damage on Your Tile Roof Edge and Soffit

You're likely to experience damage to your soffit or edge of your roof if there's ice damming behind the mortar. This is mainly attributed to the poor DIY installation of your roof. If you don't contact your roof repair professional on time, the trapped water will cause your roof deck to rot. 

When you notice rust build-up on your soffit, your roof will likely be damaged around the perimeter. Such damage requires a quick intervention of an experienced roof repair professional to prevent roof failure.

Build-Up of Moss and Algae on Your Roof

Mildew and mold can make your tile roof their habitat. This is a common problem for property owners with clay tiles because they're made from an inorganic material. Mold growth on your roof is a serious problem because it can damage your tiles, exposing the underlayment. Professional roof cleaning can help address your mold growth problem during the early stages. However, if your commercial roof has a serious infestation, call your roof repair professional to inspect your roof and advise on the need for repairs.

Your Tiles Become Loose Or Slide to One Side

If you've recently experienced strong winds in your area, it will likely cause your tiles to become loose or slide to one side. Such a weather condition can also break tree branches and cause tiles to become loose when they land on your roof. So immediately after a storm, speak to your roof repair professional to inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs. You're likely to experience water damage if you don't perform an inspection, even when your tiles seem okay.

Your Underlayment Has Started to Degrade

Your tile roof underlayment can begin to deteriorate when there are cracks on the roof. This can happen if you walk on the roof and step on the wrong part of the tile. This causes water to seep into the underlayment causing damage to your roof deck. When you begin to notice roof leaks, speak to a roof repair professional to advise whether you should replace the underlayment.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and durable, commercial tile roofs can tolerate harsh weather conditions. Like other roofing types, they will develop problems over time. This guide has shared the most common issues that require immediate attention from a commercial roof repair expert.

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