Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Drone And Optical Inspections For Business Owners

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Large facilities, such as enclosed stadiums or large civic centers, may contain complex roofing systems that are not easy to access by a business owner or staff members. A commercial roofing company that handles large-scale projects may use a combination of drone imagery and optical imagery to inspect a roof.

How Drone Imagery Makes A Difference

Using drone equipment will allow a roofing company to inspect a large roof within minutes. Thermal imaging that is collected may detect weak spots and other inconsistencies in the design of a roof. Because ladders and other standard inspection equipment are not used during this process, there won't be any disruption to a commercial piece of property while an inspection is underway.

A roofing inspector will initially use the drone equipment to assess a rooftop. Afterward, they will consult with a client and use imagery to point out the problems with a roof. Drone imagery can also be used to advertise a building. For instance, if a drone is going to be used for the inspection phase, it can also be used to highlight the upgrades that a roofing company has performed. A roofing inspector can be requested to capture imagery that showcases new roofing materials. This imagery can be placed on a business owner's website.

How Optical Inspections Are Performed

Optical inspections are a precursor to a reroofing project. An optical inspection will involve visually assessing roofing materials. Some hand tools may be used during this process. Measurements of materials and an assessment of how much moisture is on a rooftop may be conducted. An optical inspection should be conducted on top of a roof and inside of a structure. Because there could be many roofing problems that cannot be detected while outdoors, a roofing inspector may request to access an attic or a crawlspace.

Once an inspector is standing within the highest part of a commercial building, they can assess if there is any damage along the underside of a roof. Damaged insulation, a lack of insulation, or inconsistent or damaged roofing materials could be a reason why a rooftop is not providing adequate protection against moisture.

A business owner can request an itemized listing of all of the outdoor and indoor issues that a roofing inspector has detected. They can use this list to price materials or to aid in seeking a roof estimate for the repair work that needs to be conducted.

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