Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Undertaking New Roof Installation? 4 Indicators Of A Successful Project

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Installing a new roof is an expensive home maintenance project. Because of that, you wish to attain the best results possible. Remember that a small error in the installation can cause devastating and costly issues down the road. But working with a competent roofing contractor guarantees you a perfect outcome. This article looks at some aspects you should check in your new roof to determine its quality. 

It Should Have a Uniform Appearance

Immediately after the installation, you should check the roof's uniformity. If you notice that a section of your roof is different or shows sagging rooflines, your roofer probably ran short of materials and decided to maximize the available pieces. Experienced roofing contractors use high-quality roofing materials and ensure that the shingles are correctly aligned. They'll also begin the installation from your roof's edge upwards, ensuring your roof appears uniform.

It Should Incorporate Drip Edge Flashing

Drip edge flashing forms a fundamental part of the roofing system. When installed on your roof's edge, drip flashing minimizes water damage from your roof. That means it will safeguard the walls and foundation from mold and other damaging effects of water. It also keeps pests away from your house. Remember that this flashing connects your roof underlayment with the shingles and ensures water doesn't enter your home.

It Should Incorporate Quality Underlayment

You need to confirm that your contractor properly fits your roof's underlayment during installation. Remember that placing shingles without an underlayment could set you up for trouble later. The underlayment plays a critical role in protecting your home from water damage. However, not any underlayment will serve this purpose effectively. Usually, the quality ones are constructed from durable synthetic materials.

It Should Demonstrate Proper Shingle Installation

When inspecting your new roof, you should verify that the shingles hang a few inches over the roof's edge. This overhang prevents your roof from rotting and increases your shingles' lifespan. Experienced roofers will also ensure that the shingles are aligned correctly, improving the appearance of your roof and reducing the chances of water leaks.

Quality roof installation is crucial in extending the lifespan of your roof and ensuring that it's safe against the elements. So, when you hire a roofer during your new roof installation project, be sure to check the few things mentioned above. Also, remember that following roof installation best practices minimizes repairs. A competent and experienced roofing installation contractor will help you achieve this. 


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