Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Important Qualities For Replacement Roofs In Hurricane Zones

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In a hurricane zone, your roof is one of the key points of protection for your home. Older roofs, unfortunately, were not always made to be as wind- and rain-resistant as new roofs are capable of being. As such, replacing your roof can be one of the ways to increase your home's hurricane resistance. Just make sure that the new roof you choose offers these features, which maximize its wind resistance.

Hip Style

Hip-style roofs are those with all sloped surfaces. The other common alternative is a gable-style roof, which has one or more straight, vertical sides. Gable-style roofs are more prone to damage during storms, whereas hip roofs offer greater wind resistance. If your current roof is a gable, then you'll want to talk to your roofer about converting it to a hip roof. This can take some extra work on the part of the roofer and may increase the cost of your roof replacement, but the money you save on home repairs is often worth it in the long run. Plus, homeowners insurance companies may offer better rates for homeowners with hip roofs in hurricane zones.

Hurricane Straps

Your roof needs to be connected to each one of the vertical posts that form and support your home's walls. In areas where wind is not an issue, this can be done with simple nails or screws. But if a hurricane were to blow through, these nails and screws would not securely hold the roof in place. As such, in hurricane zones, roofers need to go one step further with their roof-to-wall connections. They generally use what are known as hurricane straps to securely tie and anchor the roof to the wall posts. There is also a metal device known as a hurricane clip that can be used for this purpose. Make sure your roofer plans on using one or the other to secure your roof.

Waterproof Underlayment

In a perfect world, water would never get beneath the outer layer of roofing material. But sometimes, roof damage does occur. When it happens, a waterproof underlayment can keep water from actually seeping into your home and causing more damage. Ask your roofer to include a sticker-like, waterproof underlayment in your roof design. Let your insurer know about this upgrade too. It's one that they often offer a discount for.

In a hurricane area, your roof needs to offer the maximum in terms of water and wind resistance. The features above are all essential.

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