Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

2 Types Of Severe Storm Damage That Require Immediate Repairs To Your Home's Roof

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When severe storms blow through your area, the roof on your house takes the brunt of the heavy rains, hail, and strong winds that come with them. While the roof can often withstand storms, there is always a possibility that it can cause damage. 

Whenever a particularly bad storm passes through, the risk of damage increases significantly. During one of these storms, a couple of types of damage could be inflicted on your roof that would require immediate repairs by a roofing professional to prevent possible water leaks in the near future.

1.  Strong Winds Can Blow Shingles off and Cause Branches to Fall on the Roof 

One type of damage to your home's roof that often occurs with severe storms is wind damage. Especially if the wind blows hard enough, it can catch under shingles that are already loose and blow them straight off the roof. 

You may also find branches laying on the roof that were blown down by strong winds. Even with smaller branches, there is a good chance that the impact may have cracked or crushed a few shingles. While it may be tempting to go up on the roof yourself to remove the fallen debris and survey the damage, you should leave that task to a professional.

2.  Hail Impact Can Crack or Break Shingles and Flashing

Another type of damage that can come with bad storms is hail damage. The impact from even the smallest-sized hailstones can crack the shingles on your roof.

Along with breaking shingles, the hail can also dent the flashing found along the bottoms of the vent pipes and chimneys. If the stones are large enough and the impact hard enough, the impact could even loosen the flashing.

When loose, the flashing is no longer able to keep water from leaking into these vulnerable sections of your roof. Any damage to the flashing should be looked at by a roofer to see if it needs to be reattached or even replaced.

After a severe storm passes through your area, go outside to inspect the shingles and flashing on your roof for signs of damage caused by strong winds and hail impact. If you see any cracked or missing shingles, branches laying on the roof, or damage to the flashing and gutters, contact a storm damage roofing repair professional to have them fully inspect the roof to see if any areas need to be fixed before water starts leaking into your home.

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