Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

A Good Choice For A Business Roof

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When you need a new roof for your business, you might be confused about what would be best, especially if you weren't happy with the roof you currently have. Determining which new type of roofing system is right for your business takes a lot of consideration. A business roofing service can answer your questions and give you suggestions on what they think is the right roof to have put on your business. You may hear about spray-on roofing, and this is a common choice amongst business owners because it tends to bring more of the features they want with it. Here are some things you may be able to expect if you do choose to have a business roofing service install a spray-on roof:

The roofing is so fast to install

Normally, the roofer would attach the roofing one shingle or one tile at a time.  Although they are fast because they do this regularly, it still takes longer than if a spray-on roof is installed. The reason why a spray-on roof is one of the faster ones is the material is sprayed on the roof, like foam. When it is on the surface of the roof, then it expands and levels out. This quickly creates a flat roof. 

The roofing protects trouble areas

There are some areas of the roof that tend to be more problematic than others. One problem area tends to be where the flashing is. These are the metal sheets put around things that protrude from the roof, such as a vent or chimney. These sheets can endure damage in many ways, with some of those ways including animals, weather, or age. When flashing is damaged, it presents a big risk to your building because it can lead to serious leaks. Spray-on roofing can take away concerns over these flashing weaknesses because the foam will enclose around all the areas the flashing once protected. This takes away the need for flashing. 

The roofing is known to save money

Another reason you should discuss getting a spray-on roof with a business roofing service is that it can wind up saving your business financially. This roofing can cost less than most others for installation. Then, it cuts down on the issues mentioned above with flashing, and also reduces the risks of leaks in the entire roof. The fewer repairs, the fewer the bills. Also, when there is a repair that must be addressed, the spray-on foam is usually an easy fix, meaning even more money saved. Look into a company like Dana Logsdon Roofing for more information.


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