Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Repairing Your Roof After It Suffers Serious Wind Damage

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When a homeowner's roof suffers significant damage, scheduling repairs for it will have to be a major priority if the structure is to be protected against a variety of complications and secondary damages. Unfortunately, wind damage is a common issue that homeowners will encounter, but there are some common misconceptions that can negatively impact a person's ability to restore their property following an incident.

Assumption: Wind Damage Repair Work Always Involves Replacing the Roof

When a homeowner's roof suffers wind damage, they may be under the assumption that their roof will have to be completely replaced in order for the damage to be addressed. In reality, this will be determined by the scope of the damage that has occurred. For example, there are many instances where the wind damage may be isolated to localized areas of the roof, and this may allow for the repairs to be much less involved. Delays in having these damages repaired can potentially lead to patchable roofing damage to result in the entire roof having to be replaced.

Assumption: Roofing Wind Damage Only Causes Missing Shingles and Tiles

During high wind events, it is common for tiles and shingles to actually be ripped from the roof itself or to otherwise be loosened and misaligned. However, this is not the only type of damage that wind is able to cause to a roof. Another way that these weather events can damage this part of the building is through impaling sticks and other debris in it. These materials could penetrate through the shingles or tiles, which may allow large amounts of water to seep into the interior of the home. This type of damage can be especially common for those that have trees near the roof as the branches and sticks that become airborne could reach high speeds before colliding with the roofing materials.

Assumption: Wind Damage to the Roofing Is Always Very Noticeable

In many cases, the types of damage that will occur following a major wind event will be extremely noticeable to the property owner. However, you should avoid falling for the assumption that this damage is always easy to spot. In reality, there are many ways that wind damage can cause subtle damage that may be easy to overlook. One example of this is an alignment problem with the shingles or tiles. Incorrectly aligned tiles and shingles can allow moisture to get under the roof where it could cause rot, mold and other types of damage that may be difficult or costly to repair.

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