Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

4 Tips To Remember When Planning A Roof Replacement Project

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Installing a new roofing system can be exciting for you and your family. As you look forward to upgrading your roofing system, you might want to put a few things in order. Proper preparations enable the roofers to work smoothly and complete the project on time. Read on to discover a few tips to plan a roof replacement project if you wonder where to start.

1. Evacuate Your Family

Stripping and replacing a roof poses several safety hazards to your family. You probably won't feel at peace leaving your kids playing in the yard amidst falling debris and scattered nails. It is advisable to let the kids visit family members, move to another house, or go for a vacation. Furthermore, the noise and dust in the house during the installation phase will not make your home conducive for anyone.

2. Remove Any Structures on the Roof

It is essential to create a good working space for your roofers to expedite the process. Be mindful of the contractor's time and schedules by removing all installed cable and solar systems from the roof. You can contact your service provider to help you remove them safely to avoid damage. If the structures are old, obsolete, and are no longer useful, the roofers might help you remove and discard them alongside roof debris.

3. Get a Dumpster

Roof replacement projects involve removing the older layers before installing the layer of roofing materials. The waste generated can be enormous, depending on the size of your roof. If you plan to remove the decking, expect even more waste.

So, where do you plan to discard the piles of waste retrieved from the project? You might want to rent a dumpster, particularly for waste collection. Place it near the access points to make it easier for the roofers to discard the waste without littering the yard. Sometimes the roofers can help arrange this for you.

4. Prepare Your House

Your home will witness a lot of traffic during the project. Therefore, it is best to prepare it adequately to minimize damage. The vibrations from drilling machines and hammers when installing the deck, shingles, and insulation might cause dust in the attic to dislodge. Consider covering tables, couches, and appliances with plastic sheets.

Remove artwork and wall decorations to prevent them from falling and breaking. Move your car away from the house and trim long tree branches. This should make clean-up easy and improve navigation for the contractors.

Consult your roofer before the project if you have any other questions or concerns. They can help you prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming roof replacement project.


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