Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofing Services To Extend The Life Of Your Shingle Roof

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Roofs don't last forever. However, a surprising number of roofs fail before they reach their expected lifespan. For example, some homeowners have 30-year roofs that fail and need to be replaced after 15 or 20 years. How do you make sure that your roof does not suffer the same fate? Here are some maintenance strategies and roofing services that can help ensure your shingle roof lives out its full life.

Have the roof rinsed periodically.

Contaminants on your shingles may cause them to slowly break down, ending in a premature demise. This is especially an issue in coastal areas where salt spray accumulates on the roof. But it can happen in other areas, too. Pollutants from the road, over-spray from fields being fertilized, and even chemicals used when power washing siding can end up on the roof—and these compounds aren't great for shingles. Having a roofing company come rinse your roof off once a year or so can help rid it of these chemicals and extend its life.

Remove algae and moss.

Often, homeowners will see some algae or moss growing on their roof, but they'll ignore it until it becomes pretty extensive. By this point, though, it is too late. The algae and moss will generally have compromised the top layers of the shingles, which can allow them to break down and start leaking prematurely. If you see any algae or moss on the roof, then have a roofing company come remove it as early as you are aware of it. Don't scrub it and try to remove it yourself, as this can be another cause of premature roof damage and failure. 

Have hurricane straps added.

If you're not in a hurricane zone, your roof might be attached to the walls with simple screws and nails. This probably meets building code requirements in your area, but it is still not the most secure choice. If you have a roofing company add hurricane straps to the roof after the fact, this will secure your roof and help ensure it lasts longer. Hurricane straps are just strong, metal straps that attach the roof more firmly to the walls. They will give your roof more protection in storms and high winds.

You deserve to get as many years as possible out of your shingle roof. If you employ the roof services above, you can do just that. Talk to a residential roofing service to learn more.


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