Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Solar Battery Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Nora Mcdonalid

It's never been easier and cheaper to install solar power systems than today. Similarly, there is more misinformation today than ever before. More homeowners are adopting solar power than ever before and adding solar battery storage to their systems. 

While doing so, most of these owners are making mistakes, such as the following.

Overlooking Building Permits 

Authorities in most jurisdictions require building permits before you can request solar battery storage installation. Some homeowners will ignore these permits either due to the significant costs or lack of knowledge. If you are to add solar battery storage, ensure that you get the right permits and understand the restrictions on installation locations. 

Underestimating Power Needs 

You can't purchase the first solar battery storage you find without calculating your home's power needs. Start by calculating your system's generation capacity and storage needs. You can use online calculators to get an estimate or consult battery storage installers for a more accurate figure. 

With this information, you can avoid investing in under or oversized solar battery storage. Ideally, you should consult professionals, especially if you need power reserves for days. These professionals will size your solar system and recommend solar battery storage installation based on their findings. Alternatively, you can calculate your storage needs on your own. 

Buying Low-Quality Batteries or Substitutes 

You have probably considered using your car batteries as an alternative to solar battery storage. It will work but won't last as long, and it won't offer the same efficiency and output as solar battery storage. 

Similarly, don't get a lower quality solar battery storage in a bid to save funds. Some newer battery manufacturers will claim that their batteries can last for a while but offer limited warranty coverage. Ideally, choose the more established battery storage brands that offer extensive warranties. 

DIY Battery Installation 

As mentioned earlier, the internet is full of information about everything, including battery storage installation. However, reading or watching a few DIY blogs doesn't turn you into an expert. These blogs don't provide all the information needed to complete a successful battery installation and subsequent maintenance. 

For example, do they explain how to protect your solar battery storage from extreme temperatures? Do they detail maintenance practices and frequency? Do they tell you how to choose battery storage and locations to install them? 

You can skip these issues by consulting a battery storage installer. Seek help from professionals when you're unsure, instead of risking damaging your solar equipment. And, if you decide to DIY install your battery storage, spend more time researching.  

For more info, contact a local solar company. 


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