Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement: What Factors A Roofing Contractor Considers When Providing You With A Recommendation

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If you are unsure if your roof needs roof repairs or a complete roof replacement, you may call in a roofing contractor to assess the condition of your roof. A roofer can complete a thorough inspection of your roof and provide you with a recommendation as to whether they suggest repairing or replacing the roof. When they give you this recommendation, you may find yourself wondering how they came to this conclusion. Here are a few of the factors that a roofing contractor looks at when telling you whether they would repair the roof or replace the roof. 

The Age Of the Roof Versus the Lifespan of Your Roofing Materials

One of the factors that a roofing contractor will pay close attention to when recommending roof repair or roof replacement is the age of your roof versus the estimated lifespan of the roofing materials on your roof. If your roofing materials still have a lot of life left in them, making repairs may be a better choice. However, if your roofing materials are already at the end of their lifespan, it may not be worth it to invest in repairs. 

The Percentage of the Roof That Needs to Be Repaired

Another factor that plays a role in whether you should repair or replace your roof is how much of the roof needs to be repaired. If you only need a few minor repairs to the roof, making repairs may be a great option. However, if the damage to your roof is widespread and you need to repair a large portion of your roof, it may be better to replace the roof. 

Whether There is a Warranty For Your Roofing Materials

Many roofing material manufacturers are offering long warranties on their roofing materials. A roofing contractor can look over your warranty information and determine if roof repairs or roof replacement may be covered based on your specific warranty information. 

The Cost of Repairs Versus the Cost of Replacement

Lastly, a roofing contractor will determine how much it will cost to make repairs to your roof versus how much it will cost for a roof replacement. If the cost of repairs is high, replacement may be the better choice. 

A roofing contractor will look at many factors when determining whether they recommend you should repair your roof or replace your roof. Some of these factors include the age of your roof, the condition of the roof, whether you have a warranty on your roofing materials, and the cost to repair the roof versus the cost of a roof replacement. Reach out to a local roofing contractor—such as Earhart Roofing Company Inc—today if you suspect your roof may be in need of repairs or replacement.


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