Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Some Steps Needed When You Get A Metal Roof Replacement

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A metal roof can last for decades, but if widespread rust develops or if panels get ripped up during a bad storm, it's time to replace your roof. A metal roof replacement involves tearing off the old metal and then building up the new roof from the deck. Here are some steps in the process.

Choose The New Roofing

Since your new metal roof should last for many years, give some thought to how your new roof should look. You may want to change the color of the roof or switch to standing seams from your current style. Your roofing contractor can show you all of your options when it comes to styles of panels and color choices for your roof so you're aware of what's available and what would complement the siding of your home.

Tear Off The Old Materials

Metal roof panels are attached to the deck with screws. These have to be removed and the panels pried up so they can be pulled off and thrown in a dumpster to be recycled. The roof should also have underlayment under the metal that needs to be torn off. This exposes the bare deck.

When the bare deck is exposed, the roofing contractor can check it carefully for signs of water damage. Areas that have water damage should be replaced since the deck could start rotting once the new metal roof is put on. Once the deck is ready to go, it's time to start putting on the new roof.

Apply Underlayment And Roofing

New underlayment goes on first when you get a metal roof replacement. Underlayment is a waterproof barrier that protects the deck from water damage if rain happens to get under a metal roofing panel. The roofer may use underlayment that has a sticky backing so it doesn't have to be nailed to the deck.

When the underlayment is finished, it's time to start layering the metal panels in place. If you get custom panels, the lengths may be the exact size to fit your roof. If not, the panels need to be layered across both the width and length of your roof.

Metal roofing panels are held in place with screws and washers. The roofer needs to be careful during the installation to drive the screws to just the right depth so the washer isn't damaged but the screw is tight enough to keep rain from leaking in around the screw or washer.

It might take several days to complete the metal roof replacement, depending on the size of your home or building. 

For more info about metal roof replacement, contact a local contractor. 


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