Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Options For Your Home's New Roof

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If a homeowner is preparing to install a new roof on their house, they will not be limited to only choosing asphalt roofing. Rather, modern homes are capable of utilizing a wide range of different roofing materials to achieve the performance and look that the owner is wanting.

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are among the newer kinds of roofing systems that homeowners can install. These tiles will be able to capture the sun's energy to help provide the house with power. Not surprisingly, this is a popular option for those that are wanting the benefits of solar power systems while avoiding the need to install large and unsightly solar panels on the roof. However, it should be noted that the smaller size of these tiles can limit their power production capabilities.


Moisture damage is a major threat to any type of roofing system. Unfortunately, this can pose major challenges for homes that are located in areas that have high humidity or that frequently experience storms and showers. Slate is one of the most moisture-resistant residential roofing options that a homeowner can install. In addition to being directly resistant to moisture damage, slate roofing systems may also be able to limit the growth of moss, algae, and other substances that can contribute to sizable roofing problems.

While slate is extremely resistant to suffering damage from water and other moisture-related problems, the slate tiles can be susceptible to breaking. This means that homeowners will want to avoid walking on their roofs as the weight of their bodies could be enough to damage these tiles. Rather, any work that requires someone on the roof will need to be completed by a contractor that has experience working on slate roofing systems.

Green Roofing

Green roofing systems are an extremely aesthetically pleasing system that a homeowner will be able to choose. A green roof will utilize grasses and other small plants to cover the roof. While this can provide a unique and attractive roofing option for a home, individuals should be aware that it can provide some other benefits as well. These roofs can be excellent at keeping the interior of the home significantly cooler. The plants that are used in this style of roofing will be able to absorb the sun's light and heat before it is able to be transferred into the home. While this is an effective option, it will be necessary to structurally reinforce the roof before a green system can be installed as it will add a significant amount of weight to the roof.

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