Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

3 Things That Can Mess Up Your Commercial Roof's Underlayment

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Roofs comprise several parts, including the decking, the underlayment, and the shingles. The other two components may also be affected in case of damage to the shingles. The underlayment, a waterproof material made of rubber asphalt, non-bitumen synthetic, or asphalt-saturated material, usually acts as a second barrier that protects against moisture. It also helps repel heat and moisture from the attic.

Since the underlayment plays such an essential role in your roofing, developing issues would be very dire. In fact, underlayment issues are among the top reasons a commercial roof may need replacement. That is because it may lead to structural damage and health issues. Read on to find out what can cause the underlayment to fail:

Use of Poor Quality Underlayment Material

Low-quality underlayment material tends to wear down faster than its lifespan would indicate. As a result, you may have to replace it more frequently. Property owners can err by going for low-quality material with the aim of cutting costs. However, such a move costs you more over time because if your underlayment doesn't hold up, you may also deal with deck issues. To avoid this problem, consult your roofer and let them help you select a durable, high-quality underlayment material.

Pest Attacks

As pests try to get into your property through your roof, they first pass through the shingle, underlayment, and finally, the deck. They look for vulnerable areas such as joints around the roof vents. Besides calling a roofer to fix this problem, you should also take extra measures by trimming nearby trees in your commercial yard and investing in collars for the downspout to help prevent access. It also helps to avoid having food sources in your yard that may attract pests, such as raccoons to your commercial property.

Constant Exposure to High Temperatures

While your roof is designed to withstand high temperatures, it can only do this for so long before showing signs of wear. Over time, you may begin to experience various roofing issues. For instance, the shingles can develop bubbles and cracks due to the high temperatures. This problem may spread to the underlayment, softening the tar and leaving it vulnerable to damage.

The same damage can happen during installation if the underlayment is exposed to high temperatures before being covered. You need to hire a commercial roofing contractor for installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacements to curb this problem.

With the above information, you have a good starting point regarding what to do or avoid for your roof's underlayment to last longer. Moreover, if you suspect that you have underlayment issues, ensure that you contact a professional commercial roof contractor to have them inspect and resolve them.


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