Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Installing The Chimney For Your New Fireplace

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The process of installing a new fireplace is a substantial undertaking for anyone to start. When undertaking this home improvement, the installation of the chimney will be a step that may need ample attention and planning to successfully complete. However, homeowners can have a tendency to overlook the work that this part of the process will involve. 

The Edges Of Where The Chimney Meets The Roof Will Need To Be Protected With Flashing

There are likely to be small gaps where the roof meets the chimney. These gaps can allow moisture to seep into the home if they are not effectively closed. In this regard, it is possible to install flashing that will be able to close these openings so that moisture will be unable to enter through these gaps. The flashing will typically be made of metal, but it is treated to be as resistant to corrosion as possible, which can help to keep the flashing in good condition for years after it is installed.

The Impacts The Chimney Has On The Roof's Drainage Will Need To Be Addressed

The chimney can have an impact on the way that water runs off the roof of the home. Unfortunately, this is not always given the appropriate level of concern by the homeowner. As a result, there can be a risk of moisture getting trapped behind the chimney. Luckily, there are devices that can be attached to the chimney that will direct any runoff or snow to the sides of the chimney where it can continue moving off the roof. These attachments will need to be properly installed and anchored to prevent the forces generated by rapid and heavy runoff from causing them to shift positions.

The Area Above The Chimney Needs To Be Completely Clear Of Tree Branches

The area where you have your chimney installed will need to be far from tree branches or other combustible plants and surfaces. Individuals often overlook the fact that burning embers could escape through the chimney, and these embers could ignite these surfaces if they come into contact with them. If there are tree branches in the vicinity of where you are wanting to place your chimney, they should be trimmed or even completely removed to mitigate this risk as much as possible. While a chimney contractor may not be able to perform this tree work for you, they can help to advise you as to the branches that should be moved and the distance that they should be from the chimney for optimal protection.

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