Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

What Are Some Of The Different Roofing Jobs A Residential Roofing Professional Can Help You With?

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If you are a homeowner, you might need to contact a residential roofing service at various times over the years. First, you will need to find a roofing company that does residential work, as opposed to one that focuses on commercial roofing. Once you find a residential roofing company, you might be surprised by the many services that they offer. These are just some of the different residential roofing jobs that a professional might be able to help with.

Roofing Inspections

There are different times when people need to have roof inspections done. You may want to have a roof inspection done if you're thinking about buying a house and want to know about the condition of its roof, for example. A professional will know how to inspect the roof to get a better idea of its condition.

Performing Roof Maintenance

Roofing maintenance involves things like cleaning the top of your roof. Having maintenance done is key to keeping your roof in great condition, and it's something the average roofing professional can help you with.

Repairing Roofs

Sometimes damaged shingles have to be replaced or other roofing repairs have to be done. When this happens, you should act quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse. A roofing professional can determine if repairs need to be done or if it would be better to replace your roof entirely. If repairs need to be done, they can tell you about which repairs you need and can work on getting the job done so that your roof is back in good condition.

Replacing Roofs

When roofs get old or when homeowners want to switch to a different type of roof entirely, the existing roof is often completely removed and then replaced. A professional will help with everything, including removing and disposing of all roofing materials, helping you pick out a new roof, sourcing the materials that are needed, installing your new roof, and inspecting the roof after installation to be sure that there are no problems.


In some cases, roofs might be old, but they might not have to be removed entirely. Instead, new roofing materials can simply be installed on top of the old roof. This is called re-roofing and is a service that many residential roofing companies do offer.

Installing Gutters

Not all roofing professionals will install gutters, so there are some roofing companies that do this. If you ask someone from your residential roofing company, they might be willing to install your gutters. This is particularly convenient if they are already helping you with other things related to your roof, so you don't have to worry about hiring a separate gutter installation company along with a residential roofing company.

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