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Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

3 Storm Damage Roof Repair Services To Expect From Your Local Roofer

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While your roof experiences gradual wear and tear due to constant exposure to the elements, this cannot be compared to the severe damage it would undergo during a crazy storm. Storm damage is one of a homeowner's worst nightmares, and for a good reason; it can set back months of faithful roof maintenance and push their roof replacement date forward.

That's why, regardless of how durable and sturdy your roof currently is, if you live in a storm-prone geographical location, you should save a seasoned roofer's contact on speed dial to ensure you have a professional to reach out to should your roofing system sustain storm damage. Read on to discover three storm damage roof repair services to expect from your local roofer.

Replacement of Missing Shingles

The greatest consequence of a crazy storm is missing shingles that get plucked off by the strong wind. This leaves patches on your roof that expose your indoor spaces to the elements. Missing shingles also leave your roofing deck vulnerable to water damage, which could result in wood rot, termite infestation, or fungi growth.

To ensure your roofing system provides your home with total coverage against the elements, you should commission a thorough roof inspection after every crazy storm. The local roofer will check to see if there are any missing shingles and replace them. Thus, you can fully recover from the storm, knowing you won't encounter any leaks.

Roof Rehabilitation After Hail Damage

Another storm damage roof repair service to expect from your local roofer is rehabilitation after hail damage. Since these ice stones hit your rooftop on high impact, they can significantly compromise the integrity of your home's overhead coverage. They create dings and holes on the roofing material, allowing water to leak into the roofing deck and accumulate on the roofing top.

Unfortunately, hail damage almost always goes unnoticed and deteriorates homeowners' roofs right under their noses. To ensure this isn't your predicament, you should let your roofer check your overhead coverage for dents after a hail storm. Thus, they can restore your roof to excellent health, allowing it to serve you for longer.

Gutter System Restoration

Since your gutter plays the crucial role of protecting your foundation from absorbing excess rainwater, you should ensure it's always in top condition. So after a crazy storm, commission an extensive gutter inspection to find out if it sustained any damage. Allowing your local roofer to restore your gutter system after every storm preserves your foundation's integrity, allowing your home to remain sturdy for years.

Clearly, storms have the potential to cause great roofing damage, so call local roofing companies to commission a roof inspection and restoration after a storm.  


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