Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Is Your New Roof Leaking? Find Out the Possible Causes

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While a roof installation is an expensive undertaking, it is vital in ensuring the safety of your home and family. Whether you are building a new mansion or want to replace your aging roof, you will require durable and reliable roofing. But it can be frustrating to notice leaks on your new roof despite incurring huge installation expenses. But you cannot turn a blind eye to a leaking roof owing to the devastating effects it can cause if left unchecked. Therefore, call a professional residential roofer to patch it as soon as possible. Read on to find out why your new roof may be leaking.

Broken Shingles

Roofing shingles can crack for various reasons. For instance, heavy traffic on the roof exerts pressure on them, causing them to break. Typically, cracked shingles will allow water and moisture to seep into the underlayment. Identifying broken shingles isn't easy, but your roofer can spot them during a roof inspection. Then, they will replace them with new ones to solve the water leakage problem.

Incorrectly Secured Seams 

Since no sheet is as wide as your roof, a contractor will join and overlap multiple sheets with adhesive or through hot-air welding. But on the other hand, DIY installations lead to errors such as failing to secure the seams properly. Eventually, water will start to leak through the gaps. The water might destroy the attic insulation as black mold grows on the damp insulation. In this case, you'll need to engage a professional roofer to rectify the error. They will firmly secure the seams to the insulation below to sufficiently prevent water intrusion.

Improperly DIY Sealed Valleys

Generally, a roof valley is prone to leaks if not correctly sealed. This is because the valleys form at a point of intersection between two planes, and hence rainwater easily runs through the slope when they are not fastened firmly. During installation, a professional roofing technician ensures the valleys are correctly sealed. Besides that, they will lay extra shingling on top and barriers along the valley to sufficiently prevent leaks.

Improper DIY Skylight Measurements

Erroneous DIY measurements of the skylights can cause leakage of water into your home. Furthermore, failure to set up additional supports compromises the roof structure. This results in water damage to items in your home and roof decking. In this case, you should call an experienced roofing company to seal the skylights properly and correct the flashing misalignments in order to guard against water leaks.

Water intrusion from a leaky roof can lead to extensive damage and hefty repair and replacement costs. But you can avoid leaking problems by investing in professional residential roof installation services and regular maintenance.

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