Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Commercial Roof Installation: 4 Common Mistakes To Watch Out For

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When installing a roof over your commercial property, it is vital to have it done correctly. Proper installation will ensure that your business is safe from weather elements. You'll also make huge savings on your energy bills. Unfortunately, many business owners don't pay attention to this crucial process and end up with regrettable errors. Installation errors invite a host of repairs shortly after the project is complete. So, consider the few mistakes highlighted in this guide if you wish to have a smooth commercial roof installation project.

Improper Nailing of Your Roofing Material

When installing roofing shingles, your roofing professional will use the right amount of nails to secure them. Without adequate nails, your shingles will become loose after a few months. Loose shingles can also result from the wrong nail length. Additionally, professional commercial roofers ensure no part of the nail is exposed. If the nail head is exposed, it will create a pathway for water and moisture to enter the building's interior. 

Failing to Have Proper Drainage

Many large commercial buildings are designed with flat roofs. In this case, your roofer might suggest a low slope to prevent drainage issues. Failing to create a slope causes water to pool on the roof after rain. So, before installing the roof, discuss the roof's drainage system with your commercial roofer. That way, you'll avoid many drainage problems down the line. 

Using Substandard Roofing Materials

Working with experienced roofing technicians is important during your commercial roof installation. Choosing the right material for your project can be tough without professional guidance. And remember that failing to use quality roofing materials can reduce your roof's lifespan. That is because substandard materials will wear out faster than expected. Subsequently, you'll experience frequent and costly repairs and replacements. 

Not Placing Your Roofing Material Correctly

One of the signs of DIY and unprofessional roof installation is the poor placement of the roofing material. When installing shingles on your commercial roof, your roofing expert aligns them correctly. Improper alignment will create gaps between the shingles. So, when it rains, the spaces will allow water to enter your home. If you take long before addressing this problem, moisture will compromise the structural integrity of your roof. As a result, you'll have to replace the roof sooner than expected.

Steer clear of the mistakes shared in this guide when installing your roof. This is the only way to avoid roof-related problems down the line. But most importantly, seek the professional guidance of an experienced commercial roof installation expert. For more information on commercial roofing, contact a company like H & S Contracting Inc.


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