Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

What Determines Whether New Siding Can Be Installed Over Old Siding?

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Installing new siding doesn't have to result in the old siding being ripped off the sides of your home, but sometimes you really do have to remove all of the old siding before placing anything new on the house. Whether or not you can leave the old siding on varies from home to home. There are a few issues that require old siding to be removed before installing any new siding. If you ignore these issues, you could end up with a house where you need to remove the just-installed siding sooner than you expected.

The Condition of the Old Siding

If the old siding is in excellent shape all over, you can leave it on as the new siding is installed. If the old siding has any rot, chips, cracks, or other defects, though, you need to take that old siding off first. Rot can continue to spread if not removed, and cracks and chips make it that much easier for bugs to get right up next to your home if they manage to breach the new layer of siding. Warped boards make it harder for the new siding to remain level, too.

The Condition of Your House

If the siding looks great, there's a good chance that your home is also in great shape. But unless you are sure, then you're better off having the old siding removed. You don't want to install the new siding only to find that there was actually some moisture trapped by the wall of your home under the old siding, and now mold is forming. When you remove the old siding, it gives you a chance to check out the main structure of your home. Look for moisture, rot, mold, signs of pests, and more. With the old siding off, you get a chance to repair any damage and replace older insulation before installing the new siding.

How Fresh a Start Do You Want?

Your old siding could be in great shape, and your house could be in great shape. Yet you still might want to remove your home's old siding for a completely fresh start. Maybe you want to install new insulation or ensure that the new siding doesn't look uneven due to a little imperfection in the old siding; no matter the reason, if you want a truly fresh start with your home's siding, you'll have the old layer removed.

Siding comes in many forms, with each material having benefits and disadvantages. You've got to carefully weigh all of those before choosing a new siding material. Once the old siding has been removed and the house checked out, you can have the new siding installed and be confident that your home remains in great shape.

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