Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Required Maintenance To Get A Long Life From Your Spray Foam Commercial Roofing

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If you have a new spray foam roof on your commercial building, you'll want to maintain it properly so it has a good chance of lasting for decades. Your foam roof may not need many repairs, but like any other type of commercial roofing, spray foam should be checked regularly for signs of damage so repairs can be done when needed. Here are some tips for maintaining your spray foam commercial roofing. 

Let A Roofer Check The Roof And Repair Damage

Your roofer can suggest a good inspection schedule for your new roof. They may want to check your roof once or twice each year and look for signs of damage that can be repaired to keep water out of the roofing. Spray foam is usually easy to repair.

If the roofer finds a crack or hole in the spray foam, they can cut out the damaged area and let the roofing dry. Then, the roofer can fill the hole they created with caulk and cover the caulk with a roof coating. A nice benefit of spray foam is that it seals itself around pipes and chimneys so the roofer doesn't have to worry about repairing metal flashing.

However, they'll want to check around roof protrusions to make sure the spray foam isn't leaking. There are also no seams in a spray foam roof, so the roofer doesn't have to worry about seam gaps. They need to check the entire roof for punctures and other damage that can result from hail or birds pecking on the roofing. Holes should be repaired right away.

Put A New Coating On When Needed

The final step in a spray foam roof installation is to apply a coating on top of the foam. This is done to protect the foam from UV damage. The coating wears down eventually, and when it starts to get thin, a new layer needs to be put on.

This won't be necessary for several years, but your roofer needs to check the coating with each inspection so they can get a new coating put on as soon as it's needed. If the coating wears off completely, your spray foam roof may deteriorate before it's time.

Maintain Roof Drainage

A spray foam flat roof has enough of a slope to make rain flow toward a roof drain or the gutters. It's important to keep the roof and drain clean so water doesn't dam up and puddle on the roof.

This could cause the roofing to deteriorate over time. Instead, you may want your maintenance crew to check and clean the roof regularly, especially if there are trees nearby that drop a lot of leaves and twigs on your roof.

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