Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Go Beyond Panels: Why Choose Solar Shingles For Your Home

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If you need a new roof, don't settle on ordinary shingles. Choose solar shingles instead. When you choose solar shingles, you get two important benefits rolled into one. You get a long-lasting roof. And, you get an entire solar system for your home. That means you can end your dependence on the power grid. Plus, you can make some money on the extra electricity your home generates. But, there are other benefits to enjoy from your new solar shingles. Read the list provided below.

Here are four more benefits you'll enjoy when you install solar shingles on your home. 

Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you want your new roof to do more than provide a cover for your home, it's time to invest in solar shingles. You might not realize this, but solar shingles help to reduce carbon emissions. Solar shingles have no carbon emissions while they're generating power. And, they emit very lit carbon while they're powering your home. That makes them a more eco-friendly option for your home. As an added benefit, you won't have an electric bill to pay each month. 

Improve Home Protection

If you want to provide a safe environment for your family, solar shingles are an excellent place to start. Solar shingles increase home protection in a couple of ways. First, solar shingles ensure that you always have the power to run your home security system. Second, solar shingles are fire-resistant. That means your home has an added layer of protection against fires. Finally, solar panels are wind and rain resistant. As a result, your new solar roof will provide 24-hour protection for your home and family. 

Increase Property Value

If you own your home, you need to worry about property value. This is especially important with regard to home equity. But, it's also important if you plan to sell your home in the future. That's where solar shingles come into the picture. Solar shingles increase the value of your home. Plus, they make your home more attractive to home buyers. That means, your home will sell faster, and for a better price. 

Enhance Appearances

If you don't like the way solar panels look, talk to your contractor about solar shingles. One of the problems with solar panels is that they're visible from the street. This can affect the appearance of your home. That's where solar shingles become beneficial. Solar shingles look like ordinary roofing shingles. But, they provide all the power of traditional solar panels. As a result, you'll get the power you want, and still maintain appearances.

Reach out to a supplier or contractor to learn more about solar shingles, such as Timberline solar shingles.


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