Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

How Residential Roofing Contractors Ensure Your Roof Replacement Has Proper Ventilation

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When it comes to residential roofing, one of the most important things to consider is ventilation. Proper ventilation is crucial for prolonging the life of your roof, maintaining the overall health of your home, and preventing moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and ice dams. It also helps to keep your attic cool, which can help keep your home cool, lower your energy bills, and save you money in the long run. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the importance of ventilation when it comes to their roofs, and end up paying the price down the line. Here are just a few of the features residential roofing contractors will include when it comes to ventilation during a roof replacement: 

1. Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are a type of vent that runs along the peak of the roof. This type of vent is designed to get hot and humid air out of the attic, which can be trapped and cause the shingles to warp and crack, leading to leaks and other issues. Ridge vents are a crucial component for any properly ventilated roof, as they help to prolong the life of the roof by preventing damage to the shingles and keeping the attic cool.

2. Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are located in the eaves of the roof and are designed to bring fresh air into the attic. This is essential for maintaining the balance of temperature and humidity in the attic. Soffit vents are crucial for preventing moisture buildup in the attic, which can lead to mold and mildew. They also play a key role in maintaining the overall health of your home by keeping it safe for your family.

3. Gable Vents

A residential roofing contractor can also install vents on the gable ends of the roof, designed to get the hot air out of the attic. This helps prevent the hot air from being trapped in the attic and causing damage to the shingles.

4. Turbine Vents

Turbine vents are powered by the wind.  They are common on commercial property but are also very handy for residential roofing. Turbine vents can continuously evacuate hot air using wind and mechanical force alone. These vents are a green and energy-efficient option, as they do not require any electricity to function.

In conclusion, proper roof ventilation is incredibly important because it will help to prolong the life of your roof, maintain the overall health of your home, and prevent moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and ice dams. When it comes time for a roof replacement, make sure that you hire a contractor who understands the importance of proper ventilation and what features must be included.

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