Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Subtle Types Of Hurricane-Related Roof Damage To Check For

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After a hurricane, coming home to see that your roof is still on your home and is not missing any big patches of material can be a huge relief. You deserve to breathe out and feel relieved — after all, this could have been a catastrophe for you, and it is not. Before you go on with your daily life, however, you should take a closer look at your roof. There may be some more subtle, easy-to-miss damage that a roofer should address in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes out for these issues in particular.

Strained Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps are the metal components that anchor your roof to the house's main structural beams. If you go into the attic, you can generally see most, if not all, of them. Check to make sure they are all still securely fastened. If some of the screws connecting them to the wood are partially pulled out, or if the straps themselves seem loose, you need to have a roofer make repairs. Those hurricane straps held your roof on this time, but unless you fix them, they may not hold out through another storm. 

Lifted Roof Materials

All of the shingles, tiles, or panels are still on your roof, but are they lying flat? Try to look at them from multiple angles to make sure none of them are lifted along the edges. If any are lifted even the slightest bit, you need to call a roofer. It will only take one more strong gust of wind to blow lifted materials off, and then your roof may start leaking.

Damaged Vents

If you have the type of vents that have a metal casing and are raised above the surface of the roof, give them a good look over. Make sure they do not have any dents or cracks in them. If they are dented or cracked, they may not do an adequate job of keeping water out of your home during the next storm. A roofer can quite easily remove and replace a damaged vent. They usually come as a single unit and can be installed with simple hardware.

After a hurricane, make sure you look your roof over closely. Having it mostly survive is a big accomplishment, but often, there is more subtle damage that needs to be addressed. Luckily, homeowners insurance usually covers the repairs after a hurricane or big storm. 

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