Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

If You Notice These Signs, Don't Delay Roof Replacement

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So often, a homeowner will look at a roof, notice it's beginning to deteriorate, and note that they need to replace the roof sometime in the next year or two. Usually, it is okay to operate on this sort of timeline with a roof replacement. However, there are times when roof replacement is needed more imminently. If you notice any of the following signs, you will want to replace your roof sooner rather than later.


There are two places where you might see sagging in a roof. You might see that one of the slopes of the roof is sagging in a way that makes it look as though there's a big dent in the middle of it. Or, you may look across the peak of the roof and notice that it has a dip in it; the peak is no longer a straight line. Both types of sagging are very bad signs. They mean the roof deck, and perhaps some other structural elements of your roof, are cracked or rotten. A roof that is sagging could collapse. As such, you will want to have the roof replaced ASAP. Expect the charge for your roof replacement to be a little higher than usual since the roofers will need to do work on the roof deck before they replace any of the surface roof materials.

Black Insulation

Go up into your attic, and take a look at your insulation. Does it have a layer of black on the top or bottom? Chances are, this is mold. Mold grows in areas that are moist. A simple, pinpoint roof leak does not usually let in enough water to cause your insulation to mold extensively. If your insulation is really moldy, you probably have several roofing leaks or a lot of tiny roof leaks. Have the roof replaced ASAP before you get mold in any other areas where it would be harder to remove and fight.

Flapping Underlayment

If your roof loses some shingles during a storm, they can sometimes be replaced without having to replace the whole roof. However, if you see underlayment, sometimes known as tar paper, flapping around under the shingles, that is a sign that you need roof replacement ASAP. The underlayment is there to protect your roof deck, and if it is torn, it won't do its job. The roof material needs to be removed in order to replace the damaged underlayment.

If you notice any of the signs above, contact a roof replacement company ASAP. 


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