Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Have Water Spots Around Your Attic Fan Vent? Call A Roofing Repair Contractor

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If you see water marks around the attic fan vent in your ceiling, it's time to call a roofing repair contractor. This means there is a moisture or water problem in the attic of the home. This could be a leak that is allowing water to come through, or it could be a humidity problem in the attic.

You want to get the problem looked at and examined so you can find out how bad the leak is and how much damage has been done. Here are some details to talk with the roofing repair contractor about.

Shingle Troubles

The inspection should show if the water is getting in through damaged shingles. Over time roofing shingles will:

  • Bubble
  • Warp
  • Break
  • Get detached

All these things can lead to the base of the roof being exposed, which will leave your roof vulnerable to pest damage, weathering, and water leaks.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can occur over time if there are leaks, foundation concerns, rotting, pest infestations, and more. You may need to repair the wood, replace the soffits, repair the fireplace, and more. The structural inspection may show problems that aren't easily seen from the ground level but that are a safety hazard for your roof and home.

Insulation Upgrades

Proper insulation can stop problems like roofing leaks and humidity concerns so you don't end up with water coming through the attic vents. Once the problems are addressed and repaired, ask to have spray foam insulation sprayed throughout the attic. This will prevent water from coming in and will also stop air from escaping.

Rusted Metal Components  

Gables, soffits, flashing, gutters, and other metal components on the roof can rust over time. The rust and corrosion can allow water into the roof, so these components should be replaced when needed. Get a quote for this and consider using vinyl instead of metal for the upgrades.

There are a lot of different reasons why you may have water marks on your ceiling around the vent for the attic fan, but getting the water out of the attic has to be your main priority. If there is a severe mold concern, you may want to have a mold remediation team remediate before you fix the space.

If the roofing repair team also thinks there isn't enough ventilation, have more gables and vents added to the attic. Keeping moisture out of your attic is important, so ask about all these different issues today.

Contact a company like K & L Roofing Inc to learn more. 


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