Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

3 Details To Know About Roof Repairs

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Roof repairs are important to keep up with over the years so your home doesn't get water damaged. You should always be alert for a roof leak, even if your roof is new. Finding a bad shingle early can save you from having to repair extensive water damage.

However, just because you have a cracked shingle doesn't necessarily mean your roof will start leaking since the singles have a waterproof barrier of underlayment beneath them. Still, repairs should be done promptly — especially on older roofs that may have worn down and leaky barriers. Here are some roof repair details to know.

1. A New Roof May Be Under Warranty

If your roof is still fairly new and is leaking, contact your roofer to see if it is still under the workmanship or manufacturer's warranty. These warranties might help pay for repairs in certain situations. Neither warranty covers storm damage, but they may pay for repairs due to a materials defect or improper installation. If your shingles are damaged due to a storm or hail, your homeowner's insurance might help pay for roof repairs even if your roof is old as long as you've maintained it properly.

2. The Plywood Deck May Need Repairs Too

If a shingle leak goes on long enough, the water may drip down to the plywood deck and get it wet. This could cause the wood to eventually rot. The roofer has to assess this damage when doing roof repairs to determine if the damaged area needs to be removed and replaced with new plywood.

This is a fairly easy process that involves cutting out the wet plywood and patching in a dry piece of plywood and nailing it to the rafters to hold it in place. The roofer often wants to do this rather than let the rot get worse and cause further damage.

3. A Roof Leak Isn't Always Easy To Spot

A roof leak can be hidden so you don't know your roof is leaking right away. Once you discover the leak, the point of the leak can be difficult to find since water can roll down the roof or roll along a rafter in your attic before dripping off.

The roof repair contractor may need to search the inside of your attic to find the leak. They can also use moisture-detecting equipment on the surface of your roof to find the leak. It's important to find the exact spot on the shingles where water is getting under them and to find the spot on the deck where water is dripping through so repairs can be done thoroughly.

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