Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Roofers Have Things Nailed Down

Benefits Of Boral Clay Tile Roofs

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It can be hard to decide which material to use when you're getting a new roof installed because there are so many to choose from. Many people eventually choose to get Boral clay tile roofs because of how durable they are, their effectiveness at insulating your home, and because of how attractive they look.

Here are a few of the benefits you'll enjoy if you decide to get a Boral clay tile roof installed at your home:


When you're trying to decide which roofing material to use, you want to choose one that is durable and won't break down and need to be replaced too quickly. Boral clay tiles are extremely durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear without breaking. That means you can use them for a longer time before needing to replace them.

Many Style Options

When you decide to use Boral clay tiles as a roofing material, you can choose from many different style options. They come in lots of different shapes, colors, etc., so you can choose one that will look great on top of your home.

Energy Efficiency 

It's vital that you choose a good roofing material to ensure that your home will be well-insulated. If you choose the wrong material, you can have issues with cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter—leading to higher than necessary energy costs. That won't be a problem for you if you decide to use Boral clay roofing tiles as they do a great job at keeping your house properly insulated while still allowing proper airflow.

Color Retention 

The problem with some materials that are used for roofing purposes is their colors can fade due to exposure to precipitation and direct sunlight. Boral clay tiles do a much better job of retaining their original color for long periods of time.

Environmentally Friendly 

When you're choosing a material to use when you get a new roof installed, Boral clay tiles are a great choice due to how environmentally friendly they are. Clay is a natural resource that is available in abundance, so you don't have to worry about sustainability. Also, at the end of your Boral clay tiles' lifespan, they can be recycled.

Pest Resistance 

Some roofing materials are considered to be food for some invasive pests. Others are easy for the pests to burrow through. That is not the case with Boral clay tiles, as they are very difficult for pests to penetrate. 

For more info about Boral clay tile roofing installation, contact a local company. 


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